insuranceWho We Are

Since 2010, The Medicare Source has been serving our clients with integrity and honor. Although many people have a grasp on what insurance is, not everyone understands what their Medicare insurance covers and where they’re able to use it. It is our goal to not only help you with your claims but provide you insight into your medicare supplement plan, so you feel confident about what is happening at all times.

At The Medicare Source, we strive to help our clients make the best decision about their Medicare supplemental insurance by ensuring they are fully educated on all the potential options available to them and assisting them with enrolling. By maintaining strong relationships with our insurance carrier community, we are able to negotiate the best deals on your behalf. The most important thing to us is that your plan meets ALL of your needs, not just a select few. You’ll see the efforts that we make when you stop in and begin your supplemental insurance plan with us.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to seek excellence in our business through our practices and our dedication to our clients. We believe in developing long-lasting, close relationships with each one of our clients based on trust and confidence in our professionalism to deliver worthy services.

We pride ourselves on what we are able to do, and are passionate about the medicare supplemental insurance services we provide staying true to our integrity, service, and quality.

Integrity – We are always honest with our clients and the insurance companies that we have the honor to represent, staying true to our good-faith communication and professional performance through the supplemental insurance plans we offer.

Service – Customer satisfaction is what matters most. Our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations by providing a service you can count on. The more attentive we are to our customers’ needs, the better off everyone will be. You’ll see this when we begin creating your very own supplemental insurance plan entirely based on your needs.

Quality – The Medicare Source aims to provide high-quality and true value assistance for all our clients from the initial contract until your claim has been settled. The quality of your supplemental insurance plan will be undeniably great with the help of our providers.